Tips to Store Jewellery

Now that you have bought all the jewellery you wanted to, where and how do you store them? Keeping all your jewellery in a single box or place can cause all of them to be tangled and might also damage them. Storing jewellery in a proper way not only increases its life but also avoids tarnishing and contamination. It also ensures that the sparkle and brightness of the jewellery last longer.

One of the most important aspects of storing jewellery is that each type of jewellery has a unique set up. Did you know that storing jewellery can reduce the original worth of the items much lesser than what they are actually valued at? So, if you want to learn to master the art of storing jewellery in the right way, read up the tips mentioned below.

Tip #1

Sturdy jewellery cases with soft interiors are the best bet for keeping your jewellery safe. While the tough and sturdy external cover would protect the jewellery from any external damages, its soft interiors would keep the jewellery safe from any unwanted scratches.

Tip #2

In case the option of a jewellery case isn't there, storing it in soft fabric pouches is an ideal option you can think of. These pouches are a good choice if you are traveling and have space restrictions.

Tip #3

Nowadays, multi-storage cases or pouches are also available in the market. These pouches have defined spaces for storing different types of jewellery. There is a horizontal space for storing all the chains and necklaces, earrings and rings are kept on padded cushions that are available in the pouch.

Tip #4

A three drawer organizer is also available for storing different jewellery. While one drawer is available for storing necklaces, the other one is used for keeping rings and charms and the last compartment can store bracelets.

Tip #5

A plastic zip-lock bag, which comes with an anti-tarnish strip, can also be used for the same. It not only protects jewellery but also delays the tarnishing of jewellery.

Tip #6

Pearls are very soft and need extremely protective storage. A dust-free bag would be an ideal storage for them.

Tip #7

Gemstones are very susceptible to scratching and cracking. So, a nice way to store gemstones would be to keep them in a separate pouch.

Tip #8

You can retain the original shine of a silver jewellery by keeping it in a tarnish resistant case and cloth.

Now that you know the right place for your jewellery, start giving them their own space from now on. See them sparkle and shine!

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