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Karaikudi Chettinad Province - The land of traditions, unique architecture, familial integrity, business empires, diamond and gold jewelry, is home to the clan of late Shri. Shardul Singh Mehta a pioneer in assorting diamonds and many other color stones, has made Karaikudi his stronghold in 1937 and began to trade in this wonderful and peaceful land of opportunities. He set about devising a new way of determining the weight of diamonds set in ornaments by using a watch gauge so, he could not only evaluate but also offer professional advice on its true worth, to families owning them.

Shri. Shardul Singh Mehta soon imparted his valuable knowledge, experience, and skills to his sons one of whom Shri. Maganlal Mehta went on to become a smart assorter and evaluator of diamonds. Touring the 90 odd towns and villages in and around Chettinad, using just a bicycle as his mode of conveyance, he soon started a trading business in diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones. His Bold, honest and straightforward nature coupled with his hard work gained him not only a good reputation but the valued trust of the Chettiar community.

Mr. Maganlal Mehta is a hardcore patriot, a brilliant artist and a shrewd businessman, who has designed many a piece of jewelry, immortalizing a few designs which are to date, the most sought after in Chettinad !!

Over the years the lives of Maganlal clan, steeped in land’s rich familial traditions, the third generation – Shri. Maganlal’s sons joined the family business. Though they were graduates in commerce, skills of the artist and assorter like their father, were strongly inherent.

Shri. Ranjan Mehta entered the realms of his father’s business and inheriting his father’s simplicity and honesty while adding his own trait of extraordinary patience when dealing with clients, a virtue which has served to gain him a clientele more like friends of the family.

In tune with the change in times and trends of its varied clientele, the fourth generation Shri. Ranjan Mehta’s son – Nitul Mehta and daughter’s Kruti and Vancha Mehta, are here to take the family business to newer heights with their fresh and mod ideas.

“Maganlal” is in itself, with its goodwill and trust have become a brand with its clientele’s valuable support and patronage and our aim is to make only the very best available to our clients, without compromising on quality and price.

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